About us


We are currently living in an era where we are fed by fake news and propaganda. In order to offer valuable and high quality information, Will Turbitt created the Demand The Truth, radio show and YouTube Channel, which we are currently promoting and increasing the reach of the audience. This was founded on being peaceful, non-partisan and using the Socratic Method. The goal of this website, Fake Mic Real News, is to bring the latest real news to the public, avoiding propaganda or political preferences, caring about the public opinion. English is a worldwide language, but Fake Mic Real News provides news in different languages a part from English, such as German, Arabic, French, Russian and Turkish.

Our guests list is vast and we are currently planning on increasing it. Some of them include CIA whistleblowers, TED Talks speakers, Economists, Politicians, Neuro-Psychologists, HollyWood producers, & many more. All of them have something to share for the public and conveying their message in the most accurate way possible is what our work consists of. Wanting to be on top of the peak in the media industry is kind of hard given the fact that the competition is so wide, but it does not mean that we will not try. Fake Mic Real News provides news on real time and carefully chosen after a deep research to be sure about its credibility.


Among many important objectives, peace is what concerns our society, as it does not seem to be achieved anytime. Demand The Truth conducted the very first sit down interviews between Antifa and Resist Marxism in an effort towards dialog and peace. We have also confronted The Clintons, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and the list goes on!

Reported from The Bilderberg Group, inaugurations, inside Masonic Temples, Ground Zero, Skull & Bones, and countless rallies and protests.


News are not the only field we are working on. Helping the poor is a social and moral duty which everyone must take into consideration. We wanted to give a smile upon unfortunate peoples’ face and decided to share necessary products to them. Our team organized many food and clothing drives for the less fortunate, helped send supplies to Haiti, created a number of park/city cleanups, drove a truckload of water to Flint, Michigan. Helping out those in need must be shown by actions since everyone is good at words. This is what makes our media stand out from the crowd.


Raising the voice and fight for rights is another focus of ours. We organized and held a number of rallies and activism focused around unity and peace as well as the plight of our children under the care of CPS/DCYF. More rallies and activism are being planned for the near future to make our society stronger and unite each one, leaving behind racism and social and cultural differences.


Founder of the unofficial group The Meeting Of The Open Minds to foster conversation and altruism between all members of the political and non-political spectrum. When having a different opinion or preferences is sometimes considered unacceptable but in The Meeting of The Open Minds diversity and a broad mind is appreciated.





Media struggles to survive in a market where everyone wants to be the best. The news industry is one of the most important ones for the society because you get informed about what is going on locally and internationally. Paying a subscription fee is what help media websites to get through and keep the work active to research and report.

If you enjoy our content and want to help us improve and grow together, hit the subscribe button and be a collaborater. We care for the future, and serving to the public is what inspires us. There are many media websites already successful in the industry but having readers who support us is a real success.




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