About us

Creator of Demand The Truth, radio show and YouTube Channel founded on being peaceful, non-partisan and using the Socratic Method. Guests include CIA whistleblowers, TED Talks speakers, Economists, Politicians, Neuro-Psychologists, HollyWood producers, & many more. Demand The Truth conducted the very first sit down interviews between Antifa and Resist Marxism in an effort towards dialog and peace. We have also confronted The Clintons, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and more! Reported from The Bilderberg Group, inaugurations, inside Masonic Temples, Ground Zero, Skull & Bones, and countless rallies and protests. Organized many food and clothing drives for the less fortunate, helped send supplies to Haiti, created a number of park/city cleanups, drove a truckload of water to Flint. Michigan. Organized and held a number of rallies and activism focused around unity and peace as well as the plight of our children under the care of CPS/DCYF. Founder of the unofficial group The Meeting Of The Open Minds to foster conversation and altruism between all members of the political and non-political spectrum.